About - I am an excellent juggler!

I perfected my art throughout my working career as I learnt to juggle home, work and family, both in corporate situations and running my own businesses.

More juggling was needed in 2012, when I was widowed and left with a young son to care for on my own. This life changing situation made me re-evaluate what was important in my life and led me to set up Sussex Admin Solutions. In doing so, I have been able to incorporate the skills and experience that I’ve gained from many aspects of my life into a bespoke service which enables me to help you to become a better juggler, no matter what your circumstances.

  • If what I do makes other people efficient, effective AND feel happy - THEN that makes me feel good too.

I can show you the tricks that have worked for me and reduce the amount that you need to juggle, and take some of your workload off you so that you have fewer balls in the air.